Compliance Testing

Compliance Testing

Eyebolt Testing

BS standards require that eyebolts used for fall arrest are examined at intervals of no more than 12 months.

We are accredited to inspect and test eyebolts for festive cross street displays, bunting and for all arrest purposes.

Structural Testing

SparkX are able to carry out structural testing of street light columns and provide structural engineers reports to demonstrate that columns are fit for attachments, be it Banners, Hanging Baskets or Festive decorations.

All our structural testing is complaint with PLG06.

Electrical Testing

As experience Electrical and Highways contractors, Sparkx are able to fulfil any electrical testing requirements you may have.

Our highway electrical inspections are thorough and we can provide an interactive online mapping system so that you can monitor progress as well as visually interpret the results.

pull testing

Electrical testing of streetlight

Electrical testing of streetlight