Festive lighting

Festive Lighting

Whilst festive lighting may appear to be a luxury to some, it is a crucial asset to the retail sector, encouraging shoppers to visit town and city centres, and promoting the area in the media. Sparkx have decades of experience in the festive lighting industry, and have proudly worked on many of the countries largest displays.


We pride ourselves on being one of the top installation contractors in the country, providing festive lighting services to most major towns and cities across the UK. Our clients include: Local Authorities Business Improvement Districts Shopping centres

We are capable of providing an installation only service, for clients or main contractors that already hold lighting stock, and we also offer a complete end to end service design – hire or purchase installation, storage and testing of schemes as well as switch on attendance. Unlike other contractors, we hold a strong working relationship with many different suppliers, and are therefore able to maintain nearly all product that is on the market. We can also advise you on which product will best suit each application, and offer competitive pricing.